IT disasters can be catastrophic to a business. This is why it is absolutely critical for companies to prepare for this in advance by putting a disaster recovery plan in place to act as a form of insurance. Creating backups isn't enough when your staff are relying on your systems to do their job. Faster I.T. provides near instant access to data and applications critical to the functioning of your business, making disasters a lot less of a disaster.


How to Handle a Disaster

Business Continuity

Business continues to run without interruption. We ensure your system is available anywhere instantly.

High Availability

Should there be a software or hardware failure, the system provides automated failover.

Resilient Design

Systems designed and with no vulnerabilities or weak links, that can be counted to hold up under single component failures.

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a catastrophic event, IT service can be quickly restored.

Our Planning Process

We could charge you a fortune to install an ingenious alarm system with all the bells and whistles, or hire guards in uniforms to protect your machines. However, for us it makes more sense to spend some time with you to strategically develop a customized IT Disaster Recovery plan.


Here is what our process looks like:


Draw up an assessment of every process dependent on IT services and environment


Identify and categorize your IT application portfolio to include your Service Level Objectives


Explain the differences between IT Disaster Recovery and Business Stability and Continuity


When a disaster does occur, what management and communication practices are set up to deal with it?


How are system administration and IT change-management affected by critical business service continuity?


Develop technical requirements to ensure security, resource requirements and a model for application compatibility.


Review and evaluate current backup systems and recovery strategies.



Regularly reassess current disaster recovery procedure and process, with a focus on changing threats and business process