Hosted Email

Hosting, Archiving & Security Solutions

No legitimate business today operates without email, as it is absolutely essential. Depending on the type of business you have and its specific needs, there are many different ways that your email system can be configured. We will meet with you to discuss your business, learn about your communication requirements before developing a custom solution to meet your current needs while allowing for growth.

We take many different factors into consideration during our comprehensive analysis of your business and how best to configure your email system, which include:

  • Spam control: Automated system for delivering legitimate email messages while filtering out unwanted emails
  • Security controls: Prevent cyber attacks through viruses, malware and/or phishing
  • Archiving: Set system up and implement procedures to comply with industry and governmental regulations
  • Accessibility: Design the email system to make messages available via web portals and mobile devices and coordinating the syncing systems so that all data feeds are accurate
  • Size requirements: Determine what size files can be transmitted via the email network and if this is large enough to meet the needs of the business