Faster I.T. Provides Managed IT Services Clients with:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring of their complete infrastructure
  • A quick, knowledgeable and friendly response to each and every question or request
  • Consistent and ongoing communication with their own CTO-level engineer
  • Updated security and network reports on a regular basis
  • Strategic consultancy and guidance on business improvement strategies, optimizing the IT infrastructure to include upgrade planning and business case preparation.

People, Process and Product

At Faster I.T. we put people first, which includes our team members as well as each and every client. In terms of our process, we consistently adhere to the best practices of our industry and that is our commitment to clients. The product we offer is our expertise in monitoring, managing, and maintaining our clients’ comprehensive IT infrastructure. This allows them to focus on growing their business and generating revenue, which has helped us build a very happy and loyal client base.

Technology as a Strategic Asset

We provide our clients with top-notch tech support on a consistent basis by maintaining a help desk that is fully staffed with professional IT experts and highly educated engineers. We will design your technology systems to align with the needs of your business so that it can scale according to your goals for growth. Our expertise is in offering customized long-term technology solutions. We will then proactively manage and monitor everything to ensure that your business runs smoothly. You will be provided with comprehensive reports at CTO-level meetings where everything will be discussed in detail so that you can make well-informed decisions to grow your business with the help of the latest technology.

Giving You a Competitive Edge

Faster I.T. gives our clients the tools to maintain close contact with their customers so that they can keep the competition at bay. Our highly skilled engineers work closely with you in developing a customized technology support strategy designed to keep your team working as efficiently as possible and your business moving forward, ensuring that you maintain the competitive edge. We keep our Network Operations Centre, which we run like a command centre, fully staffed at all times so that we can proactively monitor your technology and offer remote support whenever needed. We also customize procurement management systems and server and computer build-outs to meet your needs.

Transparent IT Services

Our Managed IT Services team will conduct regular audits of all your technology systems and the comprehensive reports we provide will allow you to make well-informed decisions regarding your technology. We consistently keep security and documentation levels updated and current, develop and automate processes and procedures. Working with you we will recommend areas that need improvement based on your needs, preferences and budget.